Square Radiator That Looks Like A Painting

Square is a radiator with a smooth surface, which blends in with the wall similar to a painting. Non-visible valves, covered wall mounts and completely concealed connections to the hydraulic system let the heating panel appear like an independent object in space. The valves are separated from the radiator body and connected to the heating elements with pipes, so that these can be installed several meters away from the radiator body. The heating panel itself is equipped with an aluminum module on the inside, due to which the heat is radiated evenly at the surface. The complete concept requires a depth of 22 mm only, thus making a light and slim impression. Square is available in a rectangular and a square version and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Different heat panel sizes allow the system to adjust to different spatial requirements. Thanks to its availability in several RAL colors, Square also fits into individual interior design styles.

Designer: Palomba Serafini [ Manufacturer: Tubes ]