Reading Sanctuary

The Nautilus shelving system, showcased at Northern Michigan University’s first ever exhibit at the Salone Satellite, was designed to be a cherished family heirloom that, like markings of a child’s height on the wall, represents the advancement of personal knowledge as well as the coming of age. Inspired by the need for growth through learning, the ascending shelves symbolize the lifelong pursuit of discovery. Placed in line, the shelves act as a playful room divider, but when closed Nautilus becomes an adapted reading sanctuary.

Designer: Alicia Bastian


  • Art says:

    What a great space for a kid to enjoy his books! As an adult, a similar but larger design with a comfy chair inside would be good. I no longer want to sit on the floor; getting back up is now an ordeal!

  • Saka says:

    i wouldn’t mind having a shelf like this in my home, though i do hope that the color scheme would be different. it seems like this color choice is to neutral for such a sleek design.

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