Philippe Starck Apprentice

When you have 3 years working with Philippe Starck, your design sensibility is bound to lean towards the futuristic and esoteric. Jerome Olivet is now launching his own collection of leather goods starting with a City Bag and City Briefcase. Both bags welcome your iPod and mobile phone. Protected in a black glaze skin, it ergonomically merges with your body. Both bags will be hitting European stores at 87 and 171 Euros respectively.

Designer: Jerome Olivet


  • Edgar says:

    Se ven bonitos pero una cosa es la antropometría y otra es la Ergonomía real; influye la funcionalidad, la anatomía, lo sociocultural, lo fisiologico…

  • M says:

    Take the headphone cord out, it tangles with the strap. not a problem if you wear your purse for hours on end but no one does.

  • Powerhouse says:

    Looks nice but just wondering how it opens and functions as i work for a company and design bags and suitcases.

  • Laura says:

    After a few years in university for Industrial Design I can say this person does not understand design. Lovely and very interesting shapes but poor function.

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