A Birdfeeder That Satisfies All

If I hang a birdfeeder, I want to see birds using it. This double sided birdfeeder designed by Sofie Collin makes both the birds and voyeuristic humans happy. On the veneered side, multiple perches allow any tiny bird to sit and snack on the hanging sack of seeds. On the flip side it’s totally green, designed to be hung outside a window. Now it’s like having a live shadow box painting right outside your window. The birds get what they want and you get a better view than your neighbor’s morning rituals.

Designer: Sofie Collin

Birdfeeder by Sofie Collin


  • sofie Collin says:

    Designed in a few day workshop by both Gustav Landberg and Sofie Collin from Lund University

  • Nickolas Titkov says:

    A little bit more about this young interesting designer from Copenhagen (Lund University).

  • Seth says:

    Ummm…. Guys…. Birds + Windows = Bad. We have a big glass sliding door at home and I regularly see bird imprints on it. This is a nice concept and all but….

  • Quiet says:

    Actually, this might help with the bird+window problem, since the birds don’t see the window as an entirely clear space if something is hanging in front of it.

  • xXblahXx says:

    i think it looks slightly flimsy…

  • ted wing says:

    I think some cautious wild birds would not approach this.It looks like a trap….

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