Making That Notebook Into A Desktop

The whole idea of notebook docks was interesting 10+ years ago when we had to be frugal with our I/O ports and live with subpar LCD screens. Now that notebooks have pretty much caught up with desktops, do we really need another docking solution? According to designer Yong-Seong Kim, we do.

His go-anywhere desktop docking solution calls for a large slot behind the LCD display. This is where you slide your notebook in, allowing you to access all its information from a desktop form factor. The notebook’s screen also becomes your second display, in portrait mode of course. It’s an interesting concept but somehow, this makes as much sense as the Palm Folio.

Designer: Yong-Seong Kim


  • Shea says:

    Sign me up, i want one right now!

  • M says:

    I have always liked the idea of a smaller notebook that could do more at dock with the mother ship. As a user tho i think i’d just like to hook up with one fat cable and be done with it. Getting behind something , lining things up, setting the dock just right to make it ergonomic and so on have been the killer to this concept. This is a cleaner design but still clunkier than just plugging in a cable.

  • Axell Suarez says:

    Uhmmm I saw a patent about exactly this by apple a weeks ago…. is it the same designer??

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