Sphere-shaped Emergency Shelter Bonds Community

Emergency shelter during disaster that provides physical & psychological needs. The concept behind “sphere” not only considers taking shelter from extreme weather conditions but also reestablishing the feeling of security and companionship without losing ones privacy. The center of “sphere” is constructed as a social place, which consists of single families and inhabitants. These people constitute a community, a circle. This place offers the opportunity of once again getting in contact to others, cooking and simply getting together in a social way. In this way every “sphere” becomes a germ cell for a community working properly.

19 units of tents offer room for 3 persons at a time, however, partition walls can be unbuttoned in order to create bigger sections for families wards and the like. The inner tent, made of lighter nylon permeable to air, is independent from the outer part which consists of waterproof canvas. The stakes are made of fibre glass plastic and guarantee stability of the whole construction. The design as such is long-lasting and can be recycled if required.

Designer: Felix Stark


  • themark says:

    It’s a torus, not a sphere

  • kc says:

    The design of the sphere or torus is unique and trendy, I would like to see a model of it one day in person. Thanks for the idea of having such a shelter!

  • Imran Ashraf says:

    Itsnice concept, i want to see it live if it is never made, i want to try it if i get the all details, drawings as im tent / shelter factory owner…..



  • Richard says:

    It’s a donut! And someone took a bite out of it.

  • ana says:

    where i want to found plans??

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