Charming Birdhouse-Style Tiny Home Could Be Your Next Vacation Rental Destination

Dubbed the Buitenverblijf Nest, this unique-looking cabin is designed by Namo Architecture and i29 Architects. It is an idyllic little cabin elevated in a forest in the Netherlands. The cabin is inspired by a birdhouse but it looks like a rather massive one. It can accommodate a family of four, although a bit tightly. The tiny home is tucked away in the Netherlands’ Hoge Veluwe National Park and is quite similar to BIG’s Biosphere.

Designer: Namo Architecture and i29 Architects

The cabin is part of a series of 11 dwellings in the cabin and was designed to be vacation rentals by the local authorities. The Buitenverblijf Nest is elevated on slender black supports and is raised 7.5 meters above the forest floor. The exterior of the home has space for birds,  bats, and insects, as well as solar panels on the roof that give access to power.

As you enter the home, you are welcomed by a 55-square-meter space. You can enter the cabin via a spiral staircase, and a terrace area leads you to the first floor. The home incorporates generous glazing, as well as a circular porthole-style window, that allows natural light to stream in throughout the day. These windows also offer lovely views of the forest. The layout of the home is designed to be simple and functional, with a compact living room equipped with some seating and a table, and a kitchen with an induction stove, fridge, sink, oven, cabinetry, and dishwasher.

The staircase also leads you to a bathroom with a mezzanine floor which includes a shower, sink, and toilet. The uppermost story serves as the bedroom. It has plenty of headroom for visitors to stand upright, and it accommodates a four-person bed and a porthole-style window. The room seems to be suitable for a small family – a couple and their children. If you want to check out the birdhouse-style tiny home yourself – it is available for rent on Airbnb!