TV Packaging Stand

Television packaging that becomes a playful TV stand once you get home. Made from expanded polypropylene which can be moulded in virtually any color and with any surface texture.

The cavities for the packaged TV become the shelves of the stand. DVD players and other electrical equipment can be placed on the shelves, with their plugs and cables fed through holes at the back.

The packaged TV has wheels for getting the whole thing home (because who wants to carry a TV?). These wheels then pull off and push fit onto axes on the side of the stand so you can move the unit back and forth in your home.

How it works?

1. Wheel the TV and packaging into your home.
2. Remove packaging from the TV and take wheels off their first axes.
3. Locate the four plugs of the upper stand into the four sockets of the lower stand. Slide forward until the two parts lock together.
4. Locate the TV bracket and TV into the shaped section on top of the stand. Place the wheels on their new axes on the side of the stand.

Designer: Tom Ballhatchet


  • Shenanigans Was Take says:

    For the love of God, somebody buy this man a beer!

  • nicole says:

    packaging re-purposed; very nice. no more styrene to throw away!

    • bhuvnesh says:

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  • ocdude says:

    I personally think this is really awesome, but people that buy large flat screen televisions probably either a) already have a setup, or b) want something more “classy” than polystyrene furniture.

    Still, neat concept.

  • Shenanigans Was Taken says:

    For the love of God, somebody buy this man a beer!

  • Sockatume says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. More stuff like this, for everything, please. Like games console packaging which turns into a carry case or something.

  • Amsterdaam says:

    Oh, and what about a robot that turns into an eighteen-wheeler? Oh, wait…

    Great idea, and that is some pretty classy looking polystyrene if you ask me. Unfortunately, my Xbox360 would melt it to the ground, then set it alight. What’s the heat resistance on this stuff? Even my DVR gets pretty hot…

  • Eran9000 says:

    This is great. I love it when the client receives more than he/she bargained for. Once we finally get to decision to make a purchase, we sometimes notice accessories and other peripherals that go with it…now, this one gives you a major one for free.
    This is extremely innovative, mostly for its simplicity and utility enabled.

    Definitely a standing ovation for its creator.

  • Maggie Rodriguez says:

    I LOVE IT !!! I use a flat screen for some of my prijects and have been looking for something like this. Moving a flat screen from one location to another is a pain in the a**, however what they pay me for the service is well worth it.

    I need this case! Whare can I get it and what’s the price?

    This is also great for that away from home student that dosn’t want to leave their tv in their room over the winter break. Perfect!

  • Johnny says:

    hi nice post, i enjoyed it

  • fausto says:

    Una pasada, eso es diseño!!!
    reducir, reutilizar, reciclar enorabuena pal creador.
    Fausto desde alcoy (Alicante)

  • Anup Bharwani says:

    Absolutely brilliant, now if all other packaging could be put to good use…..

  • Christine says:

    I think this is quite clever. Packaging is one of the most if not THE most waste-causing production today. Reusing it within itself reduces so much waste and it becomes very convenient as well

  • Osis says:

    Really liked it!
    Very stylish! Id use it for sure!

  • Colin says:


    Reusing and Recycling.

    This is a perfect and stylish way to save our planet!

  • Rochelle says:

    Great idea! Cheap. Recyclable. Creative. Very much trash to treasure. Good read!


  • Alp says:

    I dont like that material sitting in my lounge. The idea is great but the exposure of it doesnt do it justice visually. Needs a dress, with different graphics..

  • henrique staino says:


  • powers says:

    Not that I really need to say this, but this is where it’s at. Nice work.

  • Mark eting says:

    This is awesome, great idea!

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  • Lien says:

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    Finally I have found something which helped me. Many thanks!

  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    I really appreciate this packaging concept.

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