TV Packaging Stand

Television packaging that becomes a playful TV stand once you get home. Made from expanded polypropylene which can be moulded in virtually any color and with any surface texture.

The cavities for the packaged TV become the shelves of the stand. DVD players and other electrical equipment can be placed on the shelves, with their plugs and cables fed through holes at the back.

The packaged TV has wheels for getting the whole thing home (because who wants to carry a TV?). These wheels then pull off and push fit onto axes on the side of the stand so you can move the unit back and forth in your home.

How it works?

1. Wheel the TV and packaging into your home.
2. Remove packaging from the TV and take wheels off their first axes.
3. Locate the four plugs of the upper stand into the four sockets of the lower stand. Slide forward until the two parts lock together.
4. Locate the TV bracket and TV into the shaped section on top of the stand. Place the wheels on their new axes on the side of the stand.

Designer: Tom Ballhatchet