Wild Hog, Environmentalists Beware

Logging is a hard job. You spend all day cutting down trees and although technology has mechanized much of the work, people still have to clear away brushes using old fashion muscle. Enter the Wild Hog, a massive thinning machine used to clear away biomass faster than huggers can chain themselves to a tree. The concept was designed for the year 2017 in cooperation with Bracke Forest.

Designer: Andreas Johansson


  • Erik says:

    Hey Andreas…I finally can see this great works in different views.
    Really sick!

  • its me says:

    Scheiß Umweltkiller. Auf in den regenwald oder was? Klaro, damit immer schön tropenholz für schwachsinnige Tische da ist… hä? Industrialisierter Wald-Raubbau. Klasse!

  • jscseattle says:

    Designed by someone who has never worked thinning trees in the woods.

    1. There is not enough space for these to pass (6 foot triangularly spaced between trees)
    2. The wheels would crush all vegetation
    3. When you thin trees you drop them behind you to decompose and nourish the remaining trees over the following 15 years to harvest, they would fall and tangle the unit
    4. One guy with an old Stihl 036 cuts a 10′ swath much faster over far more difficult terrain than this could

    This is what is wrong with our design/cult vision of the world in a nutshell

  • Jordon Hendrick says:

    all that this machine is, is a feller bunher with wheels really, unless it is operated by a remote and if so it’s a peice of junk. looks nice but i can’t see it flyin’. my dad’s a logger and he doesn’t have any problems runnin a skidder and chainsaw or proccesor and forwarder and he’s in his late 40s, so if a 40 some year old man can run a saw and skidder with no problem, so can a 30 year old or 20 year old and if you can’t do that, you best be gettin out of the business

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