ZOMG! It’s A Mutant Platypus!

Actually it’s a Bugimen, designed by Ehsan Moghaddampour for a future where driving is totally computer controlled leaving you as a bored passenger. Fortunately the Bugimen is designed for hot off roading so just sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Influenced by desert landscapes, the Bugiman easily carves thru sand via its suction cup-like tires. A Pneumatic pump systems keep the car stable and regulates its height. The body is also a radical departure from conventional design by employing enough latex to make Trojan jealous.

Designer: Ehsan Moghaddampour


  • Enjoy! says:

    Darkwing Duck?

  • Matei says:

    oooh!! thats totally cool! i want one of those..damn!

  • kerogazzz says:

    ООО, прикольно, крякмобиль! Видимо Для чёрного плаща (из старого диснеевского мульта). Концепт просто супер! Молодцы!!!

  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:

    Hahahah ^^

    Hi~ Donald~

    So interesting~

  • M says:

    Very cool design. Thots on a powerplant to make it move? Looks like a single user vehicle so probably a motorcycle engine or maybe a cool rotary design…….it’s an urban vehicle tho, wouldn’t want to crash in this at 70mph, so exhaust is an issue. Love how it ‘hangs’ from the wheels, as tho it’s suspended from rather than perched on its wheels.

  • Denis Loubet says:

    Umm… It’s great if you only want to travel in a straight line. I can’t figure out how it’s supposed to turn. Does the body bend or something?

  • resrobin says:

    Cool, but bruce sterling designed this in a sci-fi novel in the 90’s…

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