Solar-powered autonomous personal mobility scooter doubles as treadmill to help you stay fit!

Segway has come a long way in changing the perception of personal mobility and how technology propels it forward for ultimate user satisfaction. The two-wheeled personal mobility vehicle has inspired many other designs that shape the future of mobility on the outskirts of urban spaces. This 100 percent electric-powered personal mobility scooter takes a step further – it is autonomous and is fueled by a sustainable energy source – the Sun. The brainchild of designer Alejandro Otálora, Creative Director, OneBot Design Studio – the Rolo is envisioned to be a future public transport vehicle that can be called on-demand via an app.

The four-wheeled transporter makes use of advanced RP LIDAR navigation cameras to steer its way through the streets. The top panel of the stable ride is covered with solar panel cells that power the unit. The solar panel is lifted up to face the Sun and provide support for the commuter en route to the destination. What’s interesting is that the base on which the user stands is actually a treadmill which when walked on charges the Lithium Titanate batteries. So, you can choose to walk briskly on it to stay fit as Rolo propels you to the destination without any time delays.

On the front, there is the battery level indicator along with the advanced cameras and lights for night time commute. The personal transporter is specifically designed keeping in mind short commutes to the primary transportation systems of the city like metros or train stations. Even the ride cost is going to be dynamic in nature – when the user orders a Rolo ride to a set destination, the app will give a heads-up up of the cost ride. So, what do you think of this eco-friendly self-driving personal scooter which actually helps keep you fit in your busy schedule?

Designer: OneBot Design Studio