Myto – Cantilever Chair by Konstantin Grcic

This pioneering design chair Myto was designed by Konstantin Grcic and developed in collaboration with the Italian furniture producer Plank and BASF. The chair is first of the kind made entirely from an advanced engineering plastic called Ultradur® High Speed which has an extraordinary flowability. 

Designer Konstantin chose the typology of the cantilever chair as a reference. The original cantilever chair is synonymous with the beginning of modern furniture design. But what does a contemporary reworking of the Breuer icon “Cesca” (1928) or the “Panton Chair” (1967) look like? And – is it possible to re-interpret the subject of the cantilever chair with Ultradur® High Speed? Grcic found an answer to these questions: he designed what is – in terms of its formal construction – a unique chair by fully utilizing the extraordinary properties of the material. The particular strength and high flowability of the plastic enable a unique transition from a thick to a thin cross-section. The chair which is produced as a monoblock presents a strikingly stable frame into which the seat and the backrest fit perfectly with their net-like perforations.

Designer: Konstantin Grcic [ Manufacturer: Plank ]