eTar Wireless Electronic Guitar by Dan Ott

The eTar is a wireless electronic guitar designed to be played through a developing internet jam service called eJamming. eJamming is a new web service that allows you to play music with anybody in the world in real time and in sync. Although eJamming is still in public beta iteration, there is tremendous opportunity for online jamming as we evolve into a more “Web 2.0” world, where social networks, virtual worlds and economies, and instant access to all the world’s music are taking a strong hold. The eTar itself has a sleek, sensually sculpted, balanced ergonomic form, making it pleasing to look at and comfortable to play. The eTar and conceptual ideas for the service and system behind it have been developed as part of a BA(Hons) degree in Design for Industry at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK and will be exhibited in London at New Designers 12th-15th July 2007.

Designer: Dan Ott