Cup Designed For Better Hygiene

Here’s the deal with drying cups hygienically. If you store them upright, then there is a chance of dirt/dust falling in. If you place them upside down, then the rim gets dirty once again. So to solve the problem we have here the Bevel Cup, inspired by the angular stance of a ballerina. The angular handle of the Bevel Cup allows it to remain as clean as possible when it is stored after being washed.

Bevel Cup has an angled handle (at 40°angle to horizontal plane) that allows it to stand at an angle, upside down, but resting only on the handle itself. This keeps dust out and germs off the rim. This storage position is also a good indicator that the cup is ready to be used rather than in need of a wash after a previous use.

Bevel Cup is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi


  • kan says:

    its already been released in korea. 2007


  • Ayantika says:

    Nice work but there is a scope for insects to get in or lick the inside. Where as, in case of traditional one we can clean the surface for better hygiene and insects also can not get in. Or this have to have some sort of cap may be.


  • Bowo says:

    I can’t imagine that these “highly inspired and almost same with the one on the market” design has awarded by Red Dot

  • James says:

    As usual it takes people on yanko two seconds to find the major flaws that Red Dot could not. I worked with a company back in 2008 that were heavily involved with Red Dot, it was a joke then and an even bigger joke now. It’s a money making scheme and nothing more. You want prestige, then don’t even bother entering and let your work speak for itself from sales and other designers praise.

  • xifan says:

    nice work,but i know its already been released..

  • Guoqingbin says:

    Nice work .it does can prevent dust from falling down .and dry the cup more quickly.

  • Name*T-XM says:

    You ‘re right.But I think it will not be stable when the glass puted upside down.

  • GaoFenglin says:

    If you are interested in our design, welcome to our website:

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