Foot-dustpan by Matthias Lange

The Foot-dustpan adds a practical extra feature to existing dustpans. While sweeping with a broom, the Foot-dustpan can be easily fixed or moved with the foot. Due to that dust and dirt can be collected without permanently bending down.

Designer: Matthias Lange


  • Garbanzo says:

    It’s been done before!

  • aec007 says:

    I’m not trying to put the design down. It is a great concept.
    Would I buy it…? Most likely not.

    When I sweep, I sweep to a single location and pick up the dirt on the last strokes, bending over with the dust pan. Done.

    What are the chances that you stick this in your foot (most likely with the pan sideways) lower the foot, pick up and… lift it back? With your foot?
    U got 99% chance of spilling everything when you pick it up with your foot.
    If you bend over to pick up the pan by hand… then it doesn’t justify the design.
    And the ergonomics of walking around with a pan in your toe and half stepping with your heel seems very unlikely.

    One very good engineer manager I had a decade ago once told me:
    – Are we changing the design to improve it or for changing’s sake?

    I think that question applies here.

  • akyiba says:

    I have a foot dust pan. It doesn’t look like this one, but I must say the one that I have is nice and it’s actually bigger than the standard dust pan.

  • Donna says:

    This is a great idea for someone who has balance problems and cannot manage a broom with a handle as well as a dustpan with a handle. Since you can hold the dustpan still with your foot while using two hands to maneuver the broom, this could be very useful. I’d love to buy one or more of these, but I can’t find any way of doing that. Is this only a concept?

  • sawgrass says:

    aec007 – you are dead wrong – and your assumption is faulty. I have arthritis in one knee. Squating is a painful option. If you are assuming that the purpose of the design is to never have to bend over, which is a rather silly assumption, then your critique is valid. However, squating is quite a bit different than merely bending (from the waist, in my case) to pick up something for a second. Further, it is easier for anyone, and more accurate, to use two hands to sweep with a broom into a dustpan, as opposed to the clumsy use of one hand with a broom. And one is less likely to give up on getting that last little bit into the pan if one is not squating.

  • taci says:

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  • infamae says:

    sawgrass has a good point. although i think that some improvements can be done to this design, first of all i would increase the angle of attack because at this angle, on the regular floor dust would enter under the bin. it’s not right to put the user in difficult equilibrium postures by having to raise his foot to increase the angle of attack. also with increasing the angle a step in the interior surface will be necessary to prevent the dust from falling back.

  • Janie Besharse says:

    Where can I buy several dustpans? They are just great!!

  • RK Chen says:

    I don't want to make my pants dirty…….

  • RK Chen says:

    I don't want to make my pants dirty…….

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