Smart Fortwo

Compact, dynamic but ever so slightly too small, Smart’s all-new fortwo is significant for several reasons. For a start, this is the first Smart to bypass the burgeoning grey market and be officially imported into the USA.

The 269cm long machine faces stiff opposition in the land of the super-sized automobile, with prospective customers needing a big dose of mental courage to take it out amongst the Escalades, Explorers and multi-wheeled big rigs. But in the city the Smart continues to reign supreme.

The new model is actually slightly larger than its predecessor, but the extra space has been put to good use, with more storage, an exceptionally airy cabin and a kit list that wouldn\’t disgrace cars twice the size.

Designer: Smart



  • john says:

    Gas mileage for the US version is not good enough to justify the size. My wife’s Honda Civic Hybrid gets 41 mpg and my VW Golf TGI gets 36 (city). Smart is listed at 33-41. It should do better.

  • Beanbag says:

    I bought a Smart a couple of weeks ago and just love it. At $15,500 it’s way cheaper than those hybrids, plus the mpg doesn’t get cut in half as soon as you turn on the air conditioner! Also remember the old mpg figures were not real world, like the 2008 numbers are. I want to buy another and convert it to CNG.

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