Mazda Nagare

Under the direction of Mazda’s new global design director, Laurens van den Acker, the challenge given to the team was to invent a novel means of registering motion in vehicles whether they’re moving or still. Nagare achieves that goal while also signaling a fresh design direction for future Mazda vehicles.

Like all Mazda products, Nagare has the soul of a sports car. Its shape is sleek and aerodynamically efficient, as you’d expect of an urban cruiser for the future. Wheels are positioned at the far corners of the envelope for quick steering response and agile maneuverability. There isn’t an ounce of overhang wasted.

Access to the four-place interior is provided by two double-length doors that hinge forward and up like the wings of a butterfly. The driver is centrally located, like a single-seat sports racer, for optimum control and visibility. Since the driver is positioned under the highest portion of the roof, there’s ample headroom with a comfortably reclined backrest. Innovative seating arrangements are a Mazda specialty, as witnessed by the successful RX-8 four-passenger sports car and the clever packaging in the upcoming CX-9 three-row, seven-passenger crossover sport-utility vehicle.

Nagare’s rear compartment is a wrap-around lounge offering relaxed accommodations for three passengers. The central front seat and expansive door opening facilitate easy entry to the surprisingly roomy interior.

Recognizing that an advanced design concept needs an advanced powertrain, Nagare could conceivably be powered by a hydrogen-fueled rotary engine. Mazda’s work on this advanced driveline technology is among the most advanced in the world, with hydrogen/gasoline-fueled rotaries powering RX-8s currently in service in Japan.

Design: Mazda [ Via: The Cool Hunter ]


  • jose ortiz says:

    love the concept if it ever gets off the drawing pad i would love to buy one let me know when that happens

  • breeze says:

    Thats a HOT! car

  • Popescu Adrian says:

    overall a very nice car…i especialy enjoy the tail-lights wings ideea…very cool

  • Peder says:

    Liked the back of the car, but that was untill I saw how it looked from the side. In my opinion the car shouldn’t have it’s tail high up, but closest to the ground or the middle as possible. Something like this:


    The roof-ending should have been put a little ahead, to give the behind a more curved and smooth ending. In my opinion.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes agreed. Looks like an alien from the side. From the back looks hot though.

  • Francisco says:

    Very Hot !…the car ain’t too shabby either…

  • ploy says:

    very nice

    i like

  • creative says:

    i like her

  • Cody says:

    I like the JJAD P1-E. But this is a cool design too

  • lewis says:

    Mazda Nagare is known as “The Flow” for many folks not just because of the design but because of the entire architecture and performance. Besides, it is fuel-efficient and reasonable when it comes to price. Unlike luxury brands like Audi and MB, the parts of this car could be easily found. As you can see there were lots of them on the world wide web. Add to that, the repair service is also straight forward. You can fix car problems on your own by asking some Mazda repair questions and of course having your own repair manual.

  • Cary Lau says:

    i like the tail-lights too 尾灯老帅了!

  • Cary Lau says:

    i like the tail-lights too 尾灯老帅了! yeah

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