Eclair – Fiber Silicon Exterior by Alexander Kotlyarevsky

The aim of the concept is wide usage of alternative and experimental materials for the interior and exterior design. The body of the prototype is made of fiber silicon so it can not be deformed in case of an accident and also it can change shape, modifying the configuration of the vehicle to the more spacious or more compact, depending on the preferences of use.

Designer: Alexander Kotlyarevsky


  • j m rowland says:

    You should give some thought to the DESIGN of your website. It scatters content and advertisements (most of which have nothing to do with your subject matter) without regard for readability or the reader.

    The reader comments should be grouped closer to the actual page content. The page content should be separated, visually, from the numerous (TOO numerous!) scatter-gun adverts. Categories and links to alternative content should be closer — both spatially as well as typographically — to your main page content.

    Show some design sense. Else, why should anyone take you seriously as a design site?

  • M says:

    Great looking idea. Current applicability would limit most of the actual design to formula style racing or remote control toy cars. As for the fiber silicone, this proposal is WAY out in front of that tech…hmmm….shape shifting car…apply this to air craft or water craft?

  • marv says:

    Fab design and i love your web page but obviously nerds don’t , oh well you can’t please all the peeps all the time.

  • jimmy says:

    an excellent design

  • stephen russell says:

    Lets make one Fullsize & then add features from TV supercar KITT from Knight Rider, 2008.
    Way cool

  • Я где то с 12 лет увлекаюсь 3д моделированием, и зачастую в детстве мне приходили идей создать что то необычное, и у меня поучалось что то в роде этого автомобиля, вопрос к дизайнеру, вы серьездно думаете ждать положительных оценок ? не траттье время.

  • Rozell says:

    That car belong in a scifi zoo of cars…….LOL

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