Milan 2007: Corian Nouvel Lumieres – Multi-sensorial Loft by Jean Nouvel

The world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, whose designs have shaped urban landscapes across Europe since the 1970s, will present in Milan Corian Nouvel Lumieres, an exhibition featuring a large-scale, innovative, multi-sensorial loft-style environment (with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living areas), all made in DuPont Corian solid surfaces creatively interfacing with light and hi-tech solutions.

The futuristic, light animated loft environment in Corian designed by Jean Nouvel will be a culmination of the most significant design innovations pioneered by designers in this material over the past decade, and the technologically-advanced processes introduced by DuPont for Corian solid surfaces. By showcasing these possibilities in a large scale loft environment with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living areas, Corian Nouvel Lumieres exhibit conceived by Jean Nouvel will take the design evolution of Corian to a new dimension.

The environment designed by Jean Nouvel will also show the many ways Corian can interact with light, incorporating a variety of advanced lighting techniques, coloured back-lighting and moving light shows to highlight the material’s unique translucency. Other technical features such as heating membranes, domotic technologies and touch-control panels will be integrated, creating a highly interactive, multi-sensorial experience for visitors.

Architect: Jean Nouvel [ Via: Dupont ]