Milan 2007: Plus Is More by Big-game

For their 2007 exhibition at the Milan Swiss cultural centre, the three designers from Big-game, Grgoire Jeanmonod (CH), Elric Petit (B) and Augustin Scott de Martinville (F), create the plus is more collection. Taking basic elements as starting points, such as a material, a principle or an archetype, Big-game transforms them in a simple way to design functional objects.

The stake of this transformation is to bring a plus, while keeping the integrity of the original element. The praise of less is therefore diverted. Less is more is still a fundamental principle, but with a slight and unexpected contribution. In a sense, Big-game plays with the clich attached to Swiss design, and its profoundly functionalist image.

Bold ChairInspired by the elementary structure of a metal tube chair, the Bold Chair is thickened by upholstery. Its sock-like sleeving makes the cover removable.

Stone DumbbellsTaking advantage of stone’s heavy weight, Big-game creates a set of black granite dumbbells. These small monoliths come in 1, 2 and 3 kg. The magnetic qualities of the stone enhance their beneficial effect.

Coat Rack – The shape of this coat hanger is created by two slits cut in a linear piece of wood. To be lain against the wall.

Swiss Apparel Fashion is a mean of communication. Here, the classic sweatshirt becomes a German-French-Italian-Romansh conversation guide, as an allusion to the different languages spoken in Switzerland.

MilesInspired by children’s gestures, this rug transforms into an infinite freeway interchange (or is the other way around). Comes with three wooden toy cars.

LinkThis modular lamp distributes light from a single hanging point, taking de facto the function of a chandelier. The assembly of the components allows different formal configurations.

Designer: Big-game