Milan 2007: Studio Job & Jaime Hayon for Bisazza

Having highlighted the two installations by Jaime Hayon and Studio Job in our Salone preview, we couldn’t wait to see the finished pieces. And we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Studio Job’s Silver Ware’ installation was spectacularly show-stopping. Gaudy but surprisingly delicate, they played with the scale and material of traditional tableware pieces, supersizing each object and covering them in white gold mosaic. The pieces worked very well as a whole, giving the clean white room a distinct Alice in Wonderland meets Gulliver’s Travels feel. Individually, our favourite was a gigantic wall-mounted spoon and the equally huge and impressive dish cover.

Jaime Hayon’s collection, called Pixel Ballet’ experimented by applying gold and white mosaic to a range of very different pieces furniture and accessories. The vast and clearly Gaudi-inspired Pinocchione’ figure sits in the middle of his installation room. Taking three months to create and emblazoned in black and white mosaic, with a gold waistband, it acts as a fitting introductory centrepiece for the rest of his collection.

Focusing on organic shapes, he took for inspiration the fact that Bisazza have until now only produced mosaic coverings for wall-based items. I wanted to see how mosaic worked as a dcor for three-dimensional furniture too,’ says Hayon.

Designer: Jaime Hayon & Studio Job