Vapor – the Steamer Insert by Jonathan Mello

The Vapor – Steamer Insert is a folding cookware accessory for steaming food in a standard saucepan. Its removable, push-down/twist-off handle keeps a cook’s hands from heat and allows the steamer to remain in a covered pan. The perforated silicone membrane, molded over a steel skeleton, is easy to clean and collapses like an umbrella to fit in a kitchen utensil drawer.

Designer: Jonathan Mello


  • vincent says:

    This is nothing new, the only difference is that this product is made from a silicone and existing products are metal. The metal counterparts are able to handle the heat of cooking better, and are still able to fold into a fairly compact size.

    • M.S.W. says:

      Unlike classic design (steel flip out flower petal/iris) this one would be much easier to clean after steaming ground beef/chicken or fish. Since in the classic design food tends to build up in the base joints as well as overlapping flaps. Also this design negates the need for having to remove the steamed food with untensils. One can pull up and dump the food out on serving tray.

      An nice alternative use for this design would be to use it to boil pasta in. Where instead of draining out the boiling water to remove the pasta the cook could lift out all the pasta and reuse the boiling water to cook something else (ex: boiled potatoes/soup). Thus conserving energy that would have been wasted by dumping out the boiling water

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