Origami Table Easy to Assemble by Anthony Dickens & Tony Wilson

The Origami table is a unique patented system. You’ll find other glass top tripod tables on the market, but none with an efficient flat-packed frame which works without fixing. The structure is so clever and simple that the manufacturing only needs two steps; stamp and bend. And that’s the secret behind why the Origami tables are such good value.

Forget about screws, bolts, pegs or fixings. Leave your tools in the box. The leg disassemble easily and will flat-pack for transportation and storing.

And here’s how it works, identical, flat, pressed steel legs slot together to assemble the tripod base. On each leg there are two slots, each positioned on a different 3-point plane in space. The joints tighten when a load is placed on the table. What does this mean The Origami table will never fall apart.

Designer: Anthony Dickens & Tony Wilson