Water Re-use System by Luis Gama

The WRS basin was born to minimize the water scarcity problem that will be present to us in the near future. The observation of our “daily little tasks” made me identify small mistakes that an individual does each time, every time, in a consistent basis and that can be changed, re-educated in our life, make things work right again.

The main concept of the basin is to divide the water we use daily and to reuse it. For instance, as we wait for the water to heat up, we lose many liters of fresh, clean water to the sewer. Consisting of two reservoirs, with a simple touch we can direct this water to a chosen reservoir and use it later to water the plants and so forth. Each time a different water direction is selected; a valve mechanism opens the selected pipe and closes the remaining two. When the reservoirs are full, all water is directed to the global sewer system. The reservoirs can be replaced by empty ones, but only two can be attached to the basin at a time.

Designer: Luis Gama