Enjoy the Fire at All Angles

Bloch-Design has created the most stunning and gorgeous fireplace that can be enjoyed from any angle. The fireplace is contained inside a glass enclosure, tempting any viewer to linger and stare at its beauty. Stylish and contemporary, the Glass Fireplace comes in a triangular or rectangular shape, with the option of clear or smokey glass. Not only will the fire be ignited, but your senses will be too.

Designer: Bloch-Design [ Via: Trendir ]


  • Naz says:

    looks sleek and interesting, but i feel that the soot may mess the glass and the heat will also just go straight up…

  • That Guy says:

    Fails the most important test of interior design: those rooms would look better with empty floors. Fact: to modernize a wood-burning fireplace is to miss the point entirely.

    Central fireplace? Cool. Central fireplace with chique outlines and nowhere comfy to sit? Confusing and tasteless.

  • Rosenberg says:

    amazing!!! I get a chance to see two of their fireplaces at the entrance of Baccarat in Paris design together by Philip Starck and Bloch Design… I would just love to have one too!
    very refined design… just amazing

  • Schmitt says:

    could we see more of these original fireplaces? Are they the only contemporary custom-made fireplace designers? very nice work and design… French style!

  • shriyash says:

    Is the fire real or the heat is coming from an electronic fireplace? plz tell

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  • Јe vais terminer de lire tout ça dans lla soirée

  • Un consiԀérable remerciement à l’auteur de
    ce blog

  • jeune pute says:

    Qսel plaisir Ԁe regarder votre post

  • dame coquine says:

    Mincе je pensais écrire un petit article pareil à celui-ci

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