Rim Timepiece by Jansen Lye

The design of the Rim timepiece is truly unique. The hour and minute hands have been positioned on the outer edge of the clock face rather than the centre, making it a distinctive looking product that imbues style on any space. Rim’s minimalist design sits well in all environments, from office spaces to living rooms or kitchen walls.

Designer: Jansen Lye


  • carl says:

    starck wannabe

    • Willzville says:

      How is this being a starck wannable? How does this look like anything starck designs. All starck makes is junk.

  • Eduardo Neri(Brasil) says:

    Gostei muito do seu produto.

    Onde posso comprar?

  • Eric says:

    So are the minute and hour hands at different levels? I’m just wondering what happens when the minute hand is “on top” of the hour hand… Seems to me a digital display (however anyone would want it to look) would still be the most slim a clock could be…

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