2.5 mm Radius Series by Plus Minus Zero

A 2.5mm R (radius) is a roundness, a roundness that echoes that born of the touch of people’s hands or the weathering over time of a piece of square timber whose edges have been planed so as not to cause discomfort to those who handle it. It is a roundness that people are accustomed to feeling. The small rectangular objects are also of a size and shape that feels comfortable to the touch. However, they are not something we hold in our hands and use, but something we put down somewhere to use. 2.5R is a rectangular object you place down somewhere, something that adapts itself to the hands, to people; it is a project that packs different functions into the same size and shape. We start with an analog clock, an LED digital clock, a digital timer and an FM radio. There’s also an empty box. When a group of small boxes packed with different functions are collected together, they look like a set of building blocks.

Designer: Plus Minus Zero [ Product Page ]