CookLounge by Michael Schmidt

Single rooms tend to melt together in the modern world. They conjoin into bigger rooms and give way to generous spaces where friendship and communication can unfold in an unrestricted and creative way. The “cooklounge” is a place where taste, well being, architecture and open space are floating together. It’s a movement towards more social live. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a multifunctional piece of furniture which can handle any situation in daily life. It can change its appearance turning from a monoblock into a stylish sideboard, from a state of the art piece of furniture into a kitchen with an adjustable table.

Designer: Michael Schmidt


  • fanyi says:

    admire u

  • détails says:

    'm an interior designer and I'm interested in your kitchen,I'd like to have the price,the delay and the colors avalaible

  • détails says:

    ‘m an interior designer and I’m interested in your kitchen,I’d like to have the price,the delay and the colors avalaible

  • tan says:

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