OneShot – Folding Chair by Patrick Jouin

OneShot is a folding stool. It’s also a smart trick: no axle, no screw, no spring or visible hinge. Only by virtue of gravity, a vertical bundle of polyamide rods fluidly unfolds to become a seat. The miracle lies in the technique of Selective Laser Sintering that allows the fabrication in just one shot of the seating surface, the legs and the hidden and integral articulations. OneShot is manufactured in the folded position, which thereby enables the creation of 15 pieces simultaneously in a machine whose size would normally barely contain 2 unfolded ones.

Designer: Patrick Jouin


  • Kale says:

    what a simple chair

  • Noah says:

    simple and nice but how comfy would that chair would be?

  • esami says:

    realy it’s a creative idea…
    can it be integrated with a desk?

  • Tony says:

    i was thinking about something like this before… but this designs alot better than what i had in mind.. i wonder how durable or comfy this chair is

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