Fiat 500 – Memory Lane by Nils Kajander

The concept tries to capture essence of the new Fiat 500, epitomising what it is all about. It’s a beautiful reflection (literally) from a different era an era full of life, memories and positive expectations. The subtle message is hidden in a special paint or multiple layers of lacquer, so that when light strikes the car in certain ways, it suddenly takes one down memory lane: The car reflects imagery communicating innocent lust for life, positiveness, belief in the future and plain fun.

The actual images (or rather photographs ) could visualise the values mentioned above with or without direct links to the original Cinquecento, since the concept is not only about the car, but rather a lifestyle and a state of mind. A healthy dose of unmistakable Italian flavour would be convenient, yet universal nostalgia being the key word. And quite naturally, sufficient range of photos should create a feel of uniqueness and personality to each car.

Designer: Nils Kajander [ Source: Fiat 500 ]