Rollable Microwave Oven by Hyun Choi

It is a common microwave oven that can be used in a usual household; at normal times, it rolls up like a towel taking a relatively small space and can be easily moved around. But when it needs to cook and the power turns on, the rolled up cooking-plate stretches open as the electricity starts flowing and becomes strong enough to hold the weights of the cooking utensils.

Designer: Hyun Choi


  • Chris says:

    “Becomes strong enough to support cooking utensils”?!! I study engineering at uni. I hate concept designers. Also isn’t this massively unsafe? What stops you putting your face against it?

    • anonymous says:

      how about people not wanting to burn their faces stops them from putting their faces against it?
      >_> And what do you have against concept designers?

    • Tim says:

      What stops you putting your face against your oven elements Chris? Or leaving your hand outside the car window when you wind it up? Hooray for survival of the fittest!

    • Noah says:

      I see what he means though guys, microwaves are different from normal heat, it acts differently and could hurt you even if you arn’t putting your face in it.

  • Bill says:

    Interesting idea, but you need to research microwave technology. This execution is unsafe because there is no containment of the waves…perhaps you could market this as a combo heater/ tanner/ microwave for your kitchen??…

    .but seriously most microwaves in today’s market have at least a 1″ metal box around the magnetron with a choke and the special dot pattern in the door.

    What if instead this was an induction cook top? probably would be safer.

  • Tim says:

    haha I like how it’s a microwave with no containment as Bill mentioned ebove. It’s like a car where the exhaust fumes are vented into the air-con! Induction would definitely be better : )

  • Chrisucks says:

    I hate Chris! 🙂

    • Chrisknowshisshit says:

      Chris knows what he’s talking about. What you’re trying to support here is free roaming uncontrolled microwave radiation. Concept designers need to get real, you might as well be designing real-world technologies that rely on unicorns. Having a basis in reality is important.

      This product is ridiculous.

      • kel says:

        Ok, this is JUST DESIGN, and someone needs to think again who actually is being ridiculous.

      • kel says:

        Ok, this is JUST DESIGN, and someone needs to think again who actually is being ridiculous.

  • SpecialKRJ says:

    So basically… It’s a hotplate that sends out microwave radiation all over the place. That’s safe. /sarcasm

  • Chris B says:

    I hate to say it- but the copy is just wrong. This thing is a hot plate that rolls up- and does not heat via mwaves.

  • ?? says:

    ?? This isn’t exactly design. One of the main purposes of design is to make lives better. This doesn’t contain any of the waves emitted, making it useless as a microwave, and potentially harmful to the user. It’s an unrealistic concept, and that’s all.

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