Rain Vase by to22 Studio

When was the last time you felt a part of a rain shower Did you look into the sky with delight as each droplet fell What if you could not only experience a downpour, but could bring some of it inside to remember, or even share These are the questions to22 asked as they created “rain vase”. “We began by thinking about the vital role water has in every life. It comes from the sky, it surrounds us, and yet, we never really take notice of it. To22 began with the notion of a large, transparent umbrella that allowed a person to experience the rain all around them. The handle was left hollow so it could collect water and afterwards could be used as a sculptural vase. “We want to invite you outside on a rainy day; enable you to have fun. The vase is all about preserving and then sharing that feeling.

Designer: to22