X Turn – Rotating Snowboard Binding by David Newton

X Turn is a snowboard binding that allows the user to quickly adjust their stance angle settings without the need to remove their foot from the binding. Current bindings require the user’s foot to be removed and use of tool to adjust their stance settings. When riding a chairlift or skating’ along flat terrain the users front foot can be positioned forward making these operations easier and more comfortable. Riders can quickly change their stance angle settings when riding different types of terrain. Beginner riders can experiment with different angle settings to find the most suitable.

Pulling up on the release handle at the back will unlock the binding and the heel end will rise up off the board. The binding is now free to rotate by the user turning their foot. Once the desired angle has been reached the user stamps’ down on their heel to lock the binding in place, The binding will remain locked in this position until the user repeats the adjustment process.

Designer: David Newton


  • eno says:


    the flow rental binding are what a beginner would most likely be using, and no beginner would start off by going out and buying a board and what is most likely very expensive bindings!
    and the on the fly adjustment without any idea of the angle you are riding at is not the best idea in the world either….

    and as a snowboard and ski teacher i can only say, this is a shitty design! and it be great but the release needs to be next to the boot/on the side of the boot, and you need some sort of gauge to see what angle your binding is at ! and the release should be something that no branch or ice block can release, unlike the one you have now…

    back to the drawing board….

  • Wow, tons of randomly aggressive comments on this. I don’t snowboard often so I may not know much, but it seems like a cool idea! What are some good bindings for a beginner snowboarder like myself?

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