A 12-year wanted an airplane house, Hello Wood made this child’s fantasy come true

There is no dearth of unusual cabins but when a 12-year-old approached award-winning architecture studio for a solo cabin in the woods, Hello Wood took it upon as a challenge to design a structure that would be cute and unusually appealing for their young client.

Lujzi dreamt of an airplane-themed playhouse that could function as a retreat, secluded area on playdates, and a comfortable lodging when required. Expanding on her inspiring idea, the studio “incorporated traditional architectural elements” into an airplane-shaped Jet House which commands a waterproof exterior and thermal insulation.

Design: Hello Wood

It not uncommon for kids to desire things they see in cartoons and fairy tales, but for Lujzi the fascination for an airplane-themed cabin comes from her love for traveling in aircrafts. To make the dream come true, a Budapest-based architecture firm has designed and built this eccentric pastel blue airplane house for Lujzi in the middle of the trees in Zala County, Hungary.

Dubbed the Jet House, it may look kiddish from the outside but is a full-fledged, functional tiny house complete with aircraft-esque arcs, curves and round windows. The rear entrance of the cabin is attached to a flight of airstairs that lead into a cozy yet inviting space finished to mimic an airplane.

Combining function with fantasy, Lujzi’s Jet House has a large window in the nose and the interior features overhead cabins, a bed to sleep a couple, a kitchenette, and two real airplane seats. A work table attached to a bench by the window is a cozy setup for Lujzi to study and relax.

Slipping out of the retro airplane interiors filled with other aviation relics, Lujzi and her friends can use the airplane wings as terrace on either side of the tiny cabin. I presume, she would have a telescoping ladder handy to climb up and down the wings!