Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus by Olga Bielawska & Astrid Schildkopf

Any of this sounds familiar: A stain on your freshly cleaned t-shirt, your girlfriend always takes the whole duvet for herself so nothing is left for you, and hairy bodies are just too much for you Our products are exactly dealing with those faux pas or delicate themes of the everyday life which we don’t want to eliminate but put them in a positive context. That way small mishaps and such will become a stylish and communicative element in your life.

Buon Appetito – While Lucy is usually having breakfast in bed her appetizing bedcovers protect her from the little mess making monsters spreading all their crumbs.

Make Love Not War – There are no arguments whatsoever between Andi and Candy. In their overly harmonious relationship simply everything is shared between them. So remember: There is no room for aggression as long as one is properly equipped.

Naturlich Nerz – Did Lola have too much testosterone for breakfast Or did axel, the small furry animal, sneak in No matter if natural mink or artificially bald, Lola’s hot shirt wins the first price and lets her rivals look green with envy.

Designer: Olga Bielawska & Astrid Schildkopf