Elio – Linear Scale Watch by Pierre Haulot & William Boullier

The relationship between the consumer and his watch is really important. The consumer identifies himself with his watch. It needs to reflect his personality and his way of life. Life is a succession of short or long term goals. Elio Linea is a watch which shows you your position on a linear scale (like a computer downloading gauge). You can visualize your position in a predetermined period, with the time spent and the time remaining.

Designer: Pierre Haulot & William Boullier


  • graig says:

    i want the black one.

  • Paulino says:


  • Manas says:

    wow looks great is it possible to buy it somewhere?

  • roman andrade says:

    where can i buy the elio linear scale whatch

  • both says:

    i want one!

  • me says:

    I’d prefer the green eyed blondie, though the watch is pretty cool should it be possible to build!

  • Dmitry says:

    Could you please let me know where and how i can buy this watch?

  • macho says:

    i really wanna buy one of those watchs, where can i buy it?

  • nino says:

    then we all want this watch ! Where ?
    And the blond girl ?

  • Agasa says:

    Would love to buy one….

  • Andrey says:

    Where i can buy this watch?


  • Bilal says:

    send me the address to get one in silver and one in black @

    [email protected]

  • ramonvivo says:

    Could you please let me know where and how i can buy this watch in Spain?

  • muratti says:

    i want Elio Linea. Could you please let me know where and how i can buy this watch in Turkey or website?

  • zoltan says:

    Who is the girl on the 2nd pic? 🙂
    I want the blond! She is gorgeous!

  • juan cabrera says:

    you must say me,where or how can i buy the linear scale watch please. Thanks

  • nicola says:

    where i can buy this watch in italy?? or online?!?!

  • aliollia says:

    I think evry body here want to buy this watch? so what you waiting :/ ?
    I realy want buy this watch too.

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