Not Your Granny’s Kettle

The word ‘kettle’ itself has a sort of antiquated, old-school ring to it, doesn’t it? With this in mind, designer Felipe Arnador redesigned the classic Braun brand kettle to appeal to the younger user. Its sleek appearance is made possible by a double surface layer that produces a vacuum between the interior and exterior, keeping the user’s hand safe from heat and eliminating the need for a handle.

Designer: Felipe Sebastian Rozzi Amador


  • Jimmy C says:

    Hmm… this design is great, but I wouldn’t buy it if it didn’t have a handle. It’s too easy to burn yourself

  • eon says:

    Please explain;

    1. Why it is shaped like a Florence flask? (Which I have used in the laboratory.) This is a very inefficient shape for the purpose of making coffee, being both difficult to “load” and extremely difficult to clean properly.

    2. Persuant to (1), short of using a pair of flask tongs, how does one grasp the thing and pour without getting burned?

    Form must follow function, not the other way around. Or in other words, put an insulated handle on it.



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