Killer Diamond Engagement Ring by Tobias Wong

Designer Wong makes engagement rings that can kill you. The razor-sharp diamond point is set into the ring so it can’t get knocked out when you smash someone’s face in, and the edges of the ring are really soft so it won’t cut into your skin during the pounding. It’s romantic because it means, “Will you marry me” but it also means, “I can’t always be there to protect you so if some jerk won’t stop bothering you, puncture him with this.” The diamond sharp edge will also cut skin down to the bone (with a minimum 1 karat stone – but the larger the better). Or it may simply be used to tag hard surfaces, like cars and windows for S.O.S. messages or that last will and estimate when pen or paper (or lawyers) aren’t conveniently around.

Designer: Tobias Wong


  • Harold says:

    First of all, the ring is a Tiffany design.
    Next, the diamond has no brilliance when set upside down.
    and last but not least…some will do just about anything to get some PR!


    • gutter pirate says:

      Harold, as it appears it is individuals like your self that haphazourdly inspire mr. wong to creat such items, to mock how self righteous and brand stamped individuals like yourself choose to be, lighten up, for your own sake

    • Vittorio says:

      That’s cool a ring!

      But it could be quiet dangerous with a sharp diamond point sticking out like that. Then again it could come in handy as a self defense tool.

      • Gingah says:

        Just saying, read what it says before you post. If you didn’t notice, that’s exactly what was described before looking at the picture.

  • bien says:

    Geez, harold, some people don’t know how to read into a joke. is everything in your life serious business? how dull.

  • garrett says:


    i want one

    • Anthony says:

      Me and you both.

      Now i can get back at that dude who stole my chick & i was gonna propose to her too !!! (Joke Harold)

      It looks like it could make a great ring though. The rock looks CLEANNN…

  • will says:

    ok.. just imagine you’re a man who has just forked over however much, to buy his girl this ring.

    kk now fastforward to the moment wheres shes “thanking” you for such a lovely gift.

    all im saying is circumcision/castration is probably cheaper on healthcare.

  • Jenn says:

    Man, the internet = serious business.

  • Jeff says:

    it’s last will and testament, not estimate.

  • jim says:

    pretty cool

  • Chris says:

    It would be cheaper to use moissanite

    • Heavensent says:

      Not, always Moissanite's also are up there as well- Sometimes you can even find them to be more than a diamond itself. Unless you get one of the real cheap ones and then it is not even a real Moissanite. It is just a cheap CZ- Take a look at stores and even E-bay you'll see just how much they run. They also are better looking than a diamond. When you get the right one that is. I have seen them but do not own one. The one I like cost even more than my 2,500 diamond ring. So, now think again on that one. Just use a Cheap CZ—

  • mordicai says:

    Drum roll please…”Gives a new meaning to the term….BLOOD DIAMOND!”

    Oh groan….

    • rayelle says:

      hahahaha… so lame hahahahaha,
      It did actually make me laugh (what does that say about my sense of humor) As for diamond rings that can kill… what mental idea!

  • Wendy says:

    I love this ring, It’s about time that someone turn the engagement bullshit on its ass and make a ring that looks cool and can be used as a weapon;) J/K I think this whole thing of having to buy some one a huge rock to “show’ them how much you love them is a joke, but what better way to joke around than to give a diamond that says “Honey I love you enough to give you this ring and to cut some one if you have to.” Nothing says love to me more than a diamond that can hurt:)

  • uh oh says:

    nice but…. 1) this is pretty old…. and 2) you ripped off Vice Magazine on the whole “i can’t always be there” bit. what gives?

  • It looks like one of those rings that couples used in England hundreds of years ago before they cut stones like they do now. Couples would go around etching their names on glass like you can etch onto a tree with a knife.

  • It looks like one of those rings that couples used in England hundreds of years ago before they cut stones like they do now. Couples would go around etching their names on glass like you can etch onto a tree with a knife.

  • gigi says:

    pity the guy if he screws up some how, that could be a bitch in a fight. “You cheated on me?! I’m taking my ring to your car!”

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    I love it

  • Gary Diamond says:

    Now thats an unusual setting could be used as a weapon

    • xxblahxx says:

      xD i find the coincidence that your last name is diamond and that we’re talking about a diamond very funny.

      no offense meant!

  • Xzigalia says:

    just make sure you don’t give it to a clumsy woman or she’ll put her eye out.

    Unless you fancy the pirate look. ARR.

  • Casi says:

    huh…you know, i would love if you could flip the diamond so it’s not always a weapon.

  • Peter says:

    Couple points. First, the ring isn’t a design by the stated designer. It’s a copyright infringing version of a copyrighted Tiffany design. Just setting the diamond upside down doesn’t change that. Second, don’t go smashing things with this. The prongs aren’t strong enough to support that, and you’ll loose the diamond. Third, the diamond may be hard, but it’s hardly razor sharp. For one thing, that point on the back of the diamond, now pointing up, and called the culet, is blunted by a small facet. It’s not sharp. Yeah, you can scratch glass, but you could do that with the front of the diamond too. You get no brilliance or flashy from an upside down diamond. Also, though cute, it’s hardly original. Lots of other designers have set diamonds and other stones upside down, long before this. Usually for better design reasons, in designs they’ve actually come up with rather than ripped off from Tiffany.

    • Dulce says:

      It was not an accident that Mr. Wong used Tiffany’s design. I do not believe that this was intended as a commercial venture, but as an artistic statement. Clearly, if you wish to comment on the idea of diamond engagement rings, what could be more meaningful than to subvert an iconic version?

  • Mark says:

    As if getting married wasn’t dangerous enough !

  • chris says:

    amateur……………………..reminds me of a bunch of school kids sitting around having a giggle because they drew a moustache on a picture of the queen.

    get back to work and stop messing around.

  • I am in computer cla says:

    funny man

  • I am in computer class says:

    funny man

  • SexyEyes says:

    I really do not think any female would like to have a ring like this given to them. Now, if they're Emo- or Goth this may be a ring for them. For me; I would not like having something like this given to me. I would not pay more then 300 bucks for it. It is not like you'll see the diamond shine- because you won't with it being upside down. There are other ways to beat someones ass- and you can even kill them with just your two first fingers. So why spend all this money on a ring that is not even made right?

  • Sarkazmo says:

    I made a photo manipulated response. Click my webite (link to the photo) if you want to see it.

  • Steve says:

    In some countries will and estimate is appropriate

  • And I thought our “unique engagement rings” were the most unique design. I have to admit that this one has ours beat. However our unique engagement rings are not as dangerous.

  • Francesco says:

    really nice

  • Penelope says:

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  • Lis says:

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