Let the Good Times ‘Unroll’!

Heimplanet Cave

Good design gives equal importance to aesthetics as well as function. When you come across something that looks amazing and works amazing, that product hits the sweet spot. In this case, the product’s pitched itself right in the center of that spot. The Cave is a completely inflatable, foldable tent with a rugged aesthetic that beautifully complements the outdoors. The ‘completely inflatable’ bit comes from the strengthening framework that’s made of hollow tubes that criss-cross around the outer part of the tent to form a geodesic structure. When inflated, these provide a good deal of strength, while also allowing the tent to bounce back into shape if it takes a hit.

The Cave looks absolutely mean, making all the other tents look too domesticated. It comes with multiple chambers on the inside, and five ventilation points, allowing you to regulate the climate within the tent. The entire tent, by virtue of brilliant design, comes as a single unit that just needs to be plugged to a pump, and within a minute, can be assembled, or disassembled! Now tell me you’re impressed, because I definitely am!

Designer: Heimplanet Design Studio

Buy It Here: $499.99 $700.00

Deal Ends: May 22, 2016. Fewer than 10 left now.