Boomtune Mini by hfo

Boomtune mini incorporates a unique tripod design and an amazing 1W x 2 output that is surprising for such a compact size. Just one AAA battery is all you will need to enjoy up to 10 hours* of playback. With a style like you have never seen before, the tripod design can be used with almost any MP3 player from the small iPod shuffle to the iPod 4G/photo. It is also suitable for more than just table top use. In fact, you can use it anywhere. Whether you are staying in a hotel, camping, at a barbeque, or just enjoying the outdoors, Boomtune mini will ensure that you can enjoy your favorite tunes no matter where you are!

High power
Boomtune mini may be small, but it packs a punch! The 1W x 2* speakers are powerful enough that you are not limited to indoor use. You can use them in large open spaces such as a park or at the beach. Of course you can pop Boomtune mini on your desk and jam away while you work too!

Triple the fun
Regular speakers have only one style, but Boomtune mini is not just a regular speaker. It has three styles!

Open Style
Put it on top of your desk with the legs open and enjoy music while you work.

Closed Style
For bigger MP3 players, enjoy your music with the legs closed.

Tripod Style
Open the legs out and enjoy the music with everyone.

Designer: HFO [ Product Page ]