iNLove Fax Machine by Ricardo Figueiroa

So the idea here is with your highly trained GPS-equipped songbird you’ll send a love fax to the object of your affection, and boom, you’re golden. Plus no more buying flowers and stuff, just keep sending the bird over. Thanks Ricardo Figueiroa, for the iNLove Fax Machine, even though it might have been a little more useful back in spring when we were all twitterpated.

Designer: Ricardo Figueiroa


  • Hola says:

    …another device that is much more useful than a NINTENDO DS.

  • Samuel Lago says:

    so whats this thing for, does it send a digital bid to your bird or something? like I can’t fathom it out

  • Klavs Hansen says:

    it looks like a joke, when i see the “Hightly Trained Bird” mark.. but also a fun idea..

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