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The Reader

Yanko Design’s readers are affluent young professionals and insatiable consumers with enormous spending power. They actively buy into products and services they read about in the magazine. Research shows they are passionate about design in all its forms, whether that involves the quest for the sharpest white shirt, the perfect carry-on luggage, or the most beautiful day bed. They live and breathe product design, architecture, interiors and fashion. They are often leaders in these fields looking to Yanko Design for inspiration and unrivalled coverage of modern design. Rather than being mere spectators, our readers live in Yanko Design’s world and have access to a seamless international marketplace – the ultimate consumer dream.

Advertising Options

There are currently three ways to advertise on Yanko Design – Premium Sponsorship, CPM-based advertising & Friday Giveaway.

Reader Statistics

  • 60/40 male/female
  • Median Age is 29
  • Core readership 18-40
  • University educated 90%
  • Postgrad degree 33%
  • 76% live in the city centre
  • 90% of visitors have made an online purchase in the last 2 weeks
  • Two thirds work in creative professions (architecture, interiors, fashion, graphic design)
  • One third work in traditional professions (finance, law, information technology, medicine)