Wear Your Secret Stash

The PocketBand is THE solution for those times when you don’t feel like carrying a wallet or your keychain. Perfect for the beach, going for a jog, swimming, or other activities, each stretchy silicone band features a secret pouch for money, keys, or other small belongings. Just turn it inside-out, put the item in the waterproof pocket, flip it back, and wear it! Whether you’re OCD, a fashionista, or just forgetful, you gotta love this fun accessory!

Designer: PocketBands


  • Tara says:

    You guys need a bloody Nobel prize. This will make my world rock. I need one urgently. I lace my car key into my running shoes. Please tell me how to order ….I need four. I’m from south africa, anyone local or do you ship or courier to this part of the world? Will be waiting to hear back from someone

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