Senior Screen Saver

The elderly often get things wrong, from parking a car to Murder She Wrote. However, we do love them so and want to keep them around for as long as possible. With that in mind, the creators of the “Health Guard” concept for NOKIA believe that the best way to keep them around is to track their every movement (pun intended.) By monitoring (via RFID tags) what they consume; from expired foods, medicine, possible allergens and nutritional info., this easy to read and use information pad hopes to be a vital tool for the upcoming explosion of elderly Baby Boomers. This two-piece monitoring station attaches to any refrigerator and features a detachable RFID reader for trips to the local market, as well as a touch display base with easy to recognize universal icons. Other features include a memo pad and voice recorder for leaving really long messages that will probably be ignored. Conceived by Marcela Kawka and Izabela Cichecka, we are glad they omitted the auto-dial-your-kids-till-they-answer-the-damn-phone feature.

Designer: Marcela Kawka & Izabela Cichecka