Two sides of one solar-powered light clip

For the generations surrounding mine, there’s always going to be something magical about a digital product that requires only solar power to work. Because of this – and because the product we’re about to look at here is simply wonderful – it simply must be made. Or we hope it’ll be made: it’s the Clip•Holding the sunshine by a group working at the Shannxi University of Science and Technology, and it’s cute!

This conceptual design takes its physical form from the simple chip clip – or that’s what you might know it as. The larger area on one side of the clip is a solar panel that collects power throughout the day. On the other side you’ve got a touch switch and an LED light panel that shines rather brightly when you’ve made a tap. The energy is transferred from one side of the device to the other through some simple contacts that roll around the center clip contact.

Designer: Shannxi University of Science & Technology

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