Hanging Books Are My Buddies

I’m very possessive about the books I own and very rarely lend them. I’d much rather display them on a bookshelf them hide them in cupboards. The Slim Book Case fits in perfect to any home or office environment and suits those who love exhibiting their collection. Sounds perfect for me! Adding a unique touch to your wall décor, the only flip side is that in the Slim version you can show off only 10-12 books (in 8 slots) at a time and the Demi Slim holds only 4-6 books (in the 4 slots).


  • Clear Acrylic
  • Mounts to wall with 3 holes

Designer: Marianne van Ooij for Studioooij [ Slim ($190) | Demi Slim ($129) available @ YD Store ]

Slim Book Case by Marianne van Ooij for Studioooij


Slim ($190) | Demi Slim ($129) available @ YD Store


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