Simple As A Paper Plane

Who says folding-chairs have to be ugly? The Fuchs + Funke Studio created one that’s lightweight and fun to use. Looking like some weird polygon modeled pulled out of a 3D program, the Papton Chair is made entirely from one composite panel. In order to get the shape of a chair we all know and love, multiple folds had to be created. The end result is a design that’s both bold and graphic.

Designer: Fuchs + Funke Studio


  • Tony Waters says:

    In Japan these folded ‘devices’ are called ORIGAMI. They use these from thousands of years ago. I accidentally tumbled on this site. Feels like most of these so called designers fell to earth only last night. Plagiarists!!!

    • Noah says:

      it’s not plagarism if origami was never used to make sitable chairs. This site is also mainly for consept designs, meaning, “this may not work but wouldn’t it be great if it could?” and things like that.

      ps. They didn’t even say ‘devices’…

  • Dear,

    I think it possible to give us a price to mail these papers chair.
    I would if the price is right, this chair in our web shop to sell.

    with kind regards,

    Hans van Gaalen
    ceo greener

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