Portable Gardens Can Replace Walking Your Dog

Have a Green Thumb but always rued the lack of space, season or inclination to get your personal green-patch? No worries, the Eden Project is perfectly suited for such situations. It’s a scheme where you get to take home your own patch of garden for a while, tend to it and then bring it back to the community Green House, which is centrally located. It’s almost like owning a part-time garden that’s on a set of wheels and is very un-demanding.

Shaped like a triangle, the portable Eden Pot is made from Thermo-formed heavy-duty plastics. The wheels are hidden from view to give the patch a sleek look. It even has a clear cover to protect the buds when you walk them home. Another cool thing incorporated into the design is the tools storage bin; it’s built into one side of the Pot. After you are done with talking to your plant and nurturing it for a bit, you simply stow your tools there and wheel it back to the greenhouse. This project looks to be quite appealing and if the community gets involved, it could be a big hit!

Designer: David Barry

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