Personal Space

No matter where you are or what you do, the need for personal quiet time and space is important. To get away and be alone in silence is therapeutic for the mind and the soul. Unfortunately, it is hard to find that space in a world that is so busy and loud. However, designer Michael Jantzen has created a place for us to go and be fully enveloped in quietness and stillness. The M-velope was designed as a place to go for personal meditation. The structure is made to create the perfect space for the individual’s desire. It can be moved and transformed into many different shapes by moving the hinged panels to an opened or closed position. The flooring of the M-velope is 8 ft.sq. and the height can be as much as 12 ft. high, depending on how the panels are folded. Inside of the M-velope there are benches with backrests that can comfortably seat at least 8 people. The M-velope can be easily transported and does not require a foundation for it to be set up. If more space is desired, more than on M-velope can be connected together.

Architect: Michael Jantzen