Origami Stairs

Origami Stairs began with a simple idea to manifest lightness literally symbolically. The design owes its form to its distinctive unidirectional cantilevered tread which tapers as the deflection forces diminish at its outermost limits. The structural logic of folding was mobilized to minimize the amount of material used to open the tread bed for its glass insert and to reveal the stairs expressive “wing” shape.

Designer: INC Architecture & Design



  • LACOMFY says:

    I love stairs like this. Nice, cozy and very interested. When I’ll buy a house I will make such stair =)

  • Bersama says:

    Those stairs looked like from a James Bond movie! It’s like taking your to a different place. I really love it!


    glass cantilever stair is there any safety?

  • Archline says:

    this stair is so beautiful. i like the origami style. i never see befoer this style used for stair

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